CURRENT HIGH BIDDER: “Under the Rug Sweeping” – 620.00

Previous Bids:
“H8 Group” – 550.00
“Bumpa” – One jar “my pink wink cream” and one slightly used bicycle rack. *Bid not accepted. Current bid is 550.00
“BA” “2 cartons marb reds” – Damn it “BA” this isn’t funny anymore. Current bid is 550.00
“BA” – “A carton of marbs” – Below current bid price
“KoA” – $12 *bid is below current high bid – 12 is not an accepted response. Where did you even come up with this number?!
“Trump” – $420 and a box of the best
“Hillary” – $225 and a can of escargot
“Jamin” – $200
“BES” – $85

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